Just like your own health, your business health can slip if you’re going full pelt and don’t have the time to check if you’re on track. Being ‘busy’ and no obvious disasters isn’t always the full picture: there could be issues about to crop up, or you might even be missing out on easy money!

A business health check will give you that insight and focus to keep you ahead of the game and sure all your processes are efficient.

You can do a health check at any time of year, but wouldn’t it be amazing to start 2020 with focus and the knowledge your business is all set? 

What does the health check include?

Step 1: We’ll send you a questionnaire to gather some business background, find out what your goals are for your business (and personal). 

Step 2: We’ll be in touch to set up a 1 hour video call (via Zoom) with one of our experts and they’ll do your health check.

Step 3: After your call we’ll send you a summary of next steps, and suggestions that can help you get your business on track, or if you’re already there we’ll give you some inspiration to reach that goal quicker. We love how tech can make your job a little bit easier so we’ll recommend the best software for you too. 

Already a Blu Sky client? 

We’ll still follow all the steps, but you’ll already be on the best software for you: but if your goals have changed, we can advise on some new tools to help. 

What are the benefits of the health check? 

How often do you look at the bigger picture? We condense what would take you a good chunk of time to consider, into just 1 hour. 

We’ll guide the session, but every business is different so we want you to get value from the time: so ask questions, get advice, consider processes and lets look at streamlining your business for success.

Things like Tax can be quite complicated and you might not always be aware of all the ways in which you can save money so we’ll pick up on all of these things!

We love to help, and share our first hand experience so there’s no sales drive behind this – simply sign up, and make the most of the session.