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How we work

You’ll find us friendly and approachable, with a ‘no-jargon’ guarantee. We’ll pitch our language at a level that is meaningful to you, and educate you over time if you’re short of some of the basics. In other words, we’ll talk your language. We want to communicate with you – a good, professional relationship means that we both get the most out of our association.

We’re keen to ensure that not only are your tax-compliance services delivered correctly, but that we can help you get the most out of your business.

You’ll meet a number of the team, but in particular you’ll be allocated specific contacts at Director and Lead Accountant level.

The Lead Accountant will have the day to day relationship with you and be responsible for ensuring we deliver agreed, quality services on time.  At this level we recruit qualified people with cojones.  We’re particularly proud of the qualities and experience inherent in our accounting team.

The Director will work at a relationship level and potentially become more involved with forecasting, valuation, or any of the more complex forward planning services.

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