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Blu Prints

Beautiful Business Dashboards.
Integrated 3 Way Cloud Forecasting

Business Blu Prints by Blu Sky, Chartered Accountants: Understand today, forecast tomorrow and action a better future for your business.

Every business is different: size, structure, output, ambitions, personnel, growth strategy, exit plans etc. And every business decision you make will end up affecting the financials immediately or in time.

Don’t put your business at risk by inadvertently looking through the rear view mirror. Unlock the insights that are hidden within your financial information to make better decisions today.


Built in the cloud and sitting on top of Xero and Receipt Bank, your  Blu Print is the most advanced cloud reporting and forecasting tool available on the market today.

Tired of numbers reporting with no clear indication of what it means for your business? Your Business Blu Print will show you the way.

Key financial metrics not easily accessible? Your Business Blu Print will show you the way.

Unsure of your Balance Sheet from your Profit and Loss, or what it all means for Cashflow? Your Business Blu Print will show you the way.

Best part? Blu Prints is accessible at any time and from any device. It’s your business plan in your pocket, on your desktop,  on your tablet. For the first time, Blu Prints brings the power of a joined up cloud eco system to your business.
Access on the go on your smartphone or tablet. Get beautiful visuals and answers on your PC or go down the more traditional route with PDF board reports.

We are incredibly excited for you to see the power of your Business Blu Print.


Using the power of integrated cloud reporting and machine learning, let Blu Sky plan your financial future using Blu Prints with integrated financial forecasting.  And because Blu Prints is built on true, full financial data, it’s not just profit and loss forecasting; it’s full three-way forecasting of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cashflow.

If you only set a budget for your profit and loss statement without considering the cash position or impact on the balance sheet, you are lulling yourself into a false sense of security. Blu Prints gives you the full picture and the confidence to go with it.

But don’t just forecast once because none of us know exactly what’s coming. Using Blu Prints, we will help you plan the best case, worse case and everything in between.

You may ask yourself, “What happens if my biggest invoice doesn’t get paid?” or “What if my sales are going to decrease next month?”

“What if” scenarios such as these are all part of running your business, which involves dealing with change and the critical need to plan for these changes. You may want to change premises or supplier, launch a new product, or just see when you are going to run out of cash.

Blu Sky can use a Blu Prints forecast to model various scenarios and see how much margin for error there is in your sales forecast before the new overheads become onerous.

Successful businesses don’t just succeed because they have a great service or product. They survive because they know what’s coming. They thrive because they do something about it.

Talk to your Lead Accountant about Blu Prints and seeing your financial future today.

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