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Jon Dudgeon Headshot

Jon Dudgeon


Dave Gibson Headshot

Dave Gibson


Gary Thompson

Board Advisor

Sam Wood

Lead Client Account Manager

Paula henderson Headshot

Paula Henderson

Lead Client Account Manager

Steven Robinson

Lead Client Account Manager

Senay Leigh Headshot

Senay Leigh

Lead Client Account Manager

Samantha Grigg Headshot

Samantha Grigg

Lead Marketing Guru

Helen Huntley Headshot

Helen Huntley

Client Account Manager

Matthew Booth

Junior Client Account Manager

Harry Cooper Headshot

Harry Cooper

Junior Client Account Manager

Jessica Crowe

Admin & Marketing Support

Roisin Parker

Client Account Support

Jason Brunton

Client Account Support

Arthur Liu

Client Account Support

Ben Gibbin

Client Account Support

Lin Cong

Client Account Support

Meet your team

Just ask our clients, they will tell you all about how Blu Sky has helped with business process design, coaching and mentoring, financial planning and forecasting, corporate finance, exit strategies and business valuations. If that gets you excited than wait until you hear about Blu Sky’s specialisation in digital and creative tax breaks such as Video Game or Research and development tax credits.

Oh, and yes as a Chartered Accountancy firm, Blu Sky can of course deal with all that good old fashioned compliance stuff too.. VAT, PAYE, Auto-enrolment and Corporation Tax.


Here at Blu Sky, we are always on the look out for talented and hard working individuals to join our expanding team. If you think you have what it takes and are ready to knuckle down and get to work then we would love to hear from you.

To find out about current and future vacancies view our careers page.

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