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A year and a bit of being Blu

Learning new things and working with a great group of people

By Arthur Win Sun Liu

It’s already been a year and a bit at Blu Sky for me and I thought I’d give blogging a shot and talk about my time so far.

Firstly, a bit about me

Before being Blu I have worked for a few big banks: a big four accountancy firm, a leading construction company and a small-town accountants. For the most part of my early career, I’ve been in large businesses with massive teams spread across multiple locations. This was great, although I always fancied the support of a more close-knit team. This smoothly links us to my first point about Blu Sky.


Here at Blu Sky there is a great sense of teamwork, as there is no ‘I’ in team. We use a ‘pod’ system where we all chip in to get the work out. When one of us is struggling to get things done we all pitch in together and help. This has worked a charm during the tax return season.

This is further enhanced by the use of apps, Slack, Glide and Trello which I love using every day. These apps allow me to share ideas, report on where I’m at and shout for help when I need it. I never have to wait too long for a reply, even when the teams are spread across the North East and afar, this leads me to the next good bit, development.


Blu Sky has been a wonder to my professional development and my career goals. The firm has a sizeable client list and the professions represented cover nearly every base. I have been able to tackle management accounts, year end reporting, tax returns and business advice. This does not only help in developing my knowledge, but makes every day different; as they say, variety is the spice of life!

The great breadth of work has culminated in my qualification being signed off and I’m now able to call myself a Chartered Accountant with the ACCA. Blu Sky has a comprehensive development plan so whatever your career aspirations are, you’ll be able to achieve it, which leads me to my final point, the fun bit!


Blu Sky are generous when it comes to the co-founders rewarding us for a job well done. I love the nights out on the firm, the Friday butties, movie night, team building days, an added extra day off for your birthday and the beer fridge. This was extended when we went to London for Xero Con 2017, where we were all together learning new things and having dinner with a few beers in the evening.

It’s not all about the partying at Blu Sky: we’ve got to keep ourselves healthy. We have a running group as a few of us are competing in the Great North Run 2018 and a 5-a-side tournament is in the making. And did I mention the free fruit? To reference a memorable scene in a classic film, if it weren’t for these bonuses “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

A good year

It has been an amazingly good year for me at Blu Sky, getting Chartered, learning new things and working with a great group of people. What I’ve learnt is that if you have a forward thinking inclusive management group like Blu Sky has, you can’t go wrong….

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