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August 2018

Blu Sky recently held our own App Day, and Receipt Bank, PLEO, Chaser, Connectably, and Capitalise came along to demo their products and tell us more about what's coming next.

The “gig economy” is an increasingly used phrase which is applied to working relationships characterised by short-term highly flexible contracts carried out by independent contractors.

Chaser works exclusively on the sales side of things and relies on your bookkeeping being up to date. In fact, with Chaser it can take an average of 16 days less to receive money from customers. Sounds amazing, we know!

July 2018

We've been in our new office for a few months now and we'll soon be announcing the date for our Grand Opening. It will tie in with our 10 year anniversary, too, so we'll even get some beers in!

by Caitlin Whittaker

Unsure of where I wanted to go in terms of future career paths, I was interested in looking into different careers relating to my studies; business, maths and psychology. Accounting seemed to fit with both what I was studying and what I’d potentially want to do in the future.

Having only a rough idea of what accountancy involved, I was keen to find out more about this role and was surprised with how IT based and ‘high tech’ it is, not all just spreadsheets and numbers.