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December 2017

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and what’s been achieved in the past enables us to envisage and produce change and innovation at a far faster rate and scale today than ever before.

November 2017

'The Cloud'. You get a better customer experience with efficiency in processing receipts, and we get reliable data that integrates automatically, freeing us up to provide real time and added value advice!

Traditionally information is gathered slowly and can be a pain!

We're looking at the budget, and associated Treasury report, in context of what it might mean for Blu Sky clients.

By Jon Dudgeon

So this week has been truly awesome!!! At 11.29 pm on the 9th of November after a hair-raising probable speed-limit-breaking (ssshhhh, I didn’t really) journey to the wonderful RVI hospital in Newcastle, my amazing partner Sophie, assisted by the excellent Tittie Amoebi (yes the Mackem-slayers sister) gave birth to my second child, Florrie.

Don't forget to plan your Christmas party this year!

Have any of you been lucky enough to get your hands on a shiny new iPhone X (or any mobile for that matter)?

Why not measure how everyone feels on a daily basis, monitor it, spot any trends or worries and actually understand how our team is doing?